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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  April 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it. mcdonald's has fired him and is trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the employees. gary nurenberg, 9news now. good morning and welcome to 9news now. today is tuesday, april 26th. i'm andrea roane. >> we're glad you're here. i'm mike hydeck. angie goff will have traffic in just a moment. mr. howard bernstein has more on maybe not a heat wave but it felt uncomfortable yesterday. >> it won't be as warm yesterday. a few degrees cooler. we'll still crack the 80 degree mark everywhere. a slight increase in the chance of thunderstorms today. that will pick up tomorrow night into thursday morning. then by thursday afternoon and friday, that will some pretty nice weather moving in. here is a look at our day planner. we're expecting sunshine to start. 65 now. upper 60s to near 70 by 9:00. upper 70s at 5:00 p.m. there will be areas out west, highs 80 to 85. areas in the low to mid-80s. right now, partly cloudy, 65
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degrees. showers and storms not only with us but the isolated ones we had yesterday afternoon. look at the big ones still firing out in the tennessee valley. tornado watch down across parts of mississippi. devastating tornado north of little rock last night did a lot of damage around arkansas. temperatures, we're in the mid- 60s to low 70s here in the mid- atlantic. some 40s and 50s up north. it is 4:31. let's get a traffic update from angie goff. >> thank you, howard. we're halfway through the 4:00 hour. we're dealing with issues out on 270. this is going northbound. it is at montrose road. the crash activity taking away all of the lanes. you are able to get by if you use the local lanes. southbound, you're doing ok. over to the outer loop we go, in maryland, everything is all clear. we just have a little bit of inner loop construction to contend with near route one college park. moving to 95 but staying in maryland headed southbound, the roadwork set up near 198.
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drivers out this way are losing the right lane. hello, virginia. serving clear from 395 up to 66. it looks like the inner loop at the toll road still can't access the ramp. that should open up around 5:00 a.m. incident free from dumfries up to the mixing bowl. more ahead on the 270 in my next report. >> a 16-year-old has been arrested and charged in connection with a stabbing at the national zoo. >> police were called to the zoo about 3:20 yesterday afternoon for a report of a stabbing on the zoo grounds. the victim was found bleeding outside the connecticut entrance. the teenage victim is being treated for possible life- threatening injuries now and the suspect has been charged with assault and intent to kill. an undercover atf operation came to an wind bullets flying in dumfries, virginia. they were moving in to arrest the suspect. the suspect attempted to get in
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a car and get away and tried to run over federal officer which forced them to open fire. the man was hit and tyne the hospital. his condition is not being released at this point. no one else was hurt in this, though. >> should local law enforcement officials ignore a federal deportation program. according to "the washington examiner," that's exactly what four montgomery county council members are asking officers to do. >> councilwoman nancy navarro is proposing a solution which asks police not to take part in the secure communities program. montgomery county has been ordered to begin participating in that program by september. >> the program sends the fingerprints of all county inmates to the department of homeland security who then uses them to check immigration status. illegal immigrants were identified through the program and can be deported. a larger than life send-off for a larger than life political figure. thousands are expected to pay their respects for a second day to william donald schaefer.
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>> schaefer died last week at age 89. as matt reports, the colorful former maryland governor always made an impression in life and now in death. >> reporter: a convoy of police motorcycles led the way. the hearse carrying the body of william donald schaefer drove past some of his favorite baltimore neighborhoods. some of the landmark buildings that schaefer helped build during his 16 years as baltimore mayor. >> the best mayor who ever lived. >> reporter: the 89-year-old shaper died in baltimore after being treated for pneumonia. >> always be remembered as one of the greatest mayors in the history of the united states. >> his body lie instate at the state house in annapolis where hundreds of people came to pay their respects and to remember a true maryland original. >> he was very unique. >> schaefer's time as baltimore mayor and later as governor and controller was sometimes marked by outrageous, some is would say offensive remarks. in the last week, many have
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said that his thoroughly unedited public comments were both his greatest strength and greatest weakness. >> great men have great faults. >> whatever you had to say, he said without any problems. >> people said like him or not, in the age of spit shine focus group tested politicians, there will never be another one quite like william donald schaefer. >> a role model for the little guy. >> will you miss him? >> i'll miss him a lot. >> william donald schaefer is the heart of baltimore. now he's the spirit of baltimore. >> his body will be at baltimore city hall today from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. funeral services are scheduled for wednesday at 11:00 a.m. at old st. paul's church in baltimore. the debate over metro dulles' extension is heating up once again. bob mcdonnell is wailing in on the issue. he asked the authority to reconsider its plan to build an underground station at the airport. he said local governments
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cannot afford to pay the additional $330 million price tag. the airport authority chairman responded by saying the decision will not change. the supreme court has refused to jump in and break up a legal fight over president obama's healthcare reform plan. the high court denied a request led by virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli to put the case on the fast track which means the fight over whether or not the law is constitutional will go on in the lower courts instead. today, d.c. voters will select the newest member of the d.c. council. a special election is being held to fill the at-large seat vacated by kwame brown when he became council chair. nine candidates are vying to complete brown's term which runs through january 2013. voters in wards four and eight will elect board of education representatives. polls were open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the u.s. government is urging americans to lead syria. this amid growing violence in
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the country as protestors rally against president al-assad. 25 years ago today, one of the world's worst nuclear disasters started to unfold. the effects of the chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion are still being felt today and services are being held in ukraine today to remember the victims of the explosion. the plant and the workers sent in to clean up after the mess were the ones most affected. the blast on april 26, 1986 spewed radioactive cloud over russia, belarus and a large part of europe. earlier this month, japan raised its severity rating at the fukushima nuclear plant to equal that of chernobyl's disaster. more nasty weather bearing down on the nation's midsection. a storm which blew through texas, arkansas and oklahoma is expected to move north into illinois and wisconsin. a second storm brewing along the same path means several more days of rain for already
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water-logged states out there. the time now is coming up on 4:38. at 4:41, facebook is preparing to offer its users new deals. at 4:51, warning to parents. your child is being exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals. >> next, a check on the forecast to get you out the door. we're back with your weather first in two minutes. bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse.
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bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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it is 4:40 on this tuesday morning. we're fine right now. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. upper 60s to around 70 at 9:00. winds out of the south all day gusting 25 to 30. noontime temp, 74. we do have a chance for an afternoon storm or two in
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spots. by then, temperatures in the upper 70s. highs 80 to 85. here's angie with timesaver traffic. >> thanks, hb. better news for folks heading northbound. crash activity at month rose road out of here. coming up, we're going to take a look across the region. that's going to be at 4:48. stay with us. now back to you. >> at 4:41, it is time for the first your money report of the morning. >> jessica is here addressing the color of money. >> we're hoping for more green on wall street. >> we'll see a lot more companies reporting their earnings today. investors looking for results, coca-cola, amazon and delta. yesterday though, we had good and bad earnings reports and they pulled the market in both directions. checking the numbers, the dow stands at 12,479. it dropped 26 points in trading. the nasdaq finished the day up five points but the s&p 500 closed down 2 points. a pair of electric cars has impressed an auto safety group.
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the chevrolet volt and the nissan lease got top safety ratings in some of the top ever ratings by the insurance institute for highway safety. this video provided to us by the iihs, both cars are in top force for front, side and rear impact crashes and for rollover protection. in fact, the heavy battery helped protect people inside the car since heavier cars are less likely to be pushed around in a crash. facebook wants to combine the world's largest social network with one of the hottest business models in ecommerce. today, facebook is launching a deals program in five u.s. cities following on the popularity of groupon. for example, $50 worth of food at a local restaurant for just $25. facebook begins testing in san diego, san francisco, atlanta, dallas and austin, texas. we're going to see a lot of these deal sites popping up. we already have a ton of them already. >> that's interesting. when you go on facebook, is there just a coupon that shows
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up? >> i think you're going to have to opt in. but at least those cities, people will probably try it out. >> thanks, jess. >> thanks. >> the nfl work lockout is lifted. at least for now. >> one of the most outspoken owners in the nfl renews his fight against a local newspaper. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover.
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>> it is 4:45. howard bernstein is here with weather first. all year long, they have either been ahead of time or lagging behind time. >> we're pushing three, maybe 400 tornadoes because they've had all of these reports. >> staggering numbers. >> the average is in the 160s. 130s. we've had 267 in 1974 was the old record. we're going to blow the old record away. may is usually worse than
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april. this year, i doubt that will be the case. we're ahead of the game there. you're right. temperatures yesterday were touching 90 in spots. today, a few degrees cooler. but still above the average which is only 70. this is where we should be. we should be 70 degrees. here's a look at your bus stop forecast. not bad this morning. it is partly clear to mainly clear. we'll call it partly to mostly sunny. sun is coming up here with temperatures running from the low 60s to the lower 70s. day planner, we're going to see the mild temperatures all day. now, at reagan national with a brisk south wind coming in off the water. temperatures have only been about 80 for a high. areas west of town, anybody north of town, southwest, a chance to get to the lower to middle 80st today. winds out of the south. 15, 15 miles per hour. they're going to gust at times, 25 maybe 30. there is a chance later on in the day for thunderstorms in a
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few spots, mainly west of washington. this will be a better chance than let's say here in d.c. i showed you this early. how a cluster of showers and storms in the shenandoah valley at 9:00, they moved off to the north and the east and this morning, we're left with clear to partly cloudy skies and our temperatures are running in the 60s to low 70s. still 70 in southern maryland, upper 60s for winchester, luray, hagerstown in the mid- 60s. a few 60s but a mild morning at 65 degrees. we've got mostly cloudy skies and a south wind to 11. almost tripped. barometer coming down 29.39. dew point is 60. it is feeling like summer out. in the middle of the country, still quite dangerous with all of the severe weather. look at the severe thunderstorm watch box. tornado watch box we got going on. last night, north of little rock, devastating tornado in --
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50 people missing in that town. basically destroyed last night. still strong storms southwest louisiana, east texas, all the way up with the rain into parts of michigan. we're going to be watching this system to increase our rain chances especially late tomorrow, tomorrow night into thursday. but out ahead of it this morning, all is quiet. we'll put the future cast in motion. show you that we've got a threat later on for a few showers and storms popping, mainly west of town then tonight, a little quieter. tomorrow, look. we'll see some showers around at times. this is noontime. so, a better chance of showers i think on wednesday. wednesday afternoon and evening. there are the strong storms coming through from wednesday night into thursday morning before we do some clearing by thursday afternoon. today, 80 degrees. breezy. chance of a storm. tomorrow, few more storms again around 80. thursday, showers and storms through midday. 72. much better weather looking for friday and saturday and could be a few more storms by monday
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afternoon. angie goff, how is that traffic looking? >> it is looking a lot better than it was earlier. that's why we turned on the green light. our earlier accidents have cleared out of the way. good morning, everyone. glad you could join us. let's take a look at lingering construction. 95, we're still losing the right lane out there. should be clearing in the next 10, 15 minutes. the beltway in maryland on the outer loop, everything clear up here. live from colesville road. your inner loop construction is set up near route one, college park. 495 in virginia. now, as you're coming in from the mixing bowl and you're going to hit the road in the next 10, 15 minutes. the on-going construction project, as a result of that, you're going to want to take 395 northbound, take that over to edsel, exit off of that and get back on to southbound 395. that will get you back on the beltway. 66 checking out all clear. same situation for those. you who travel 395 headed northbound. we'll take a look at 50 in
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maryland at 4:56. mike? >> thank you, angie. a federal judge in minnesota has ended the nfl player lockout. she did that yesterday. now though, the league is asking her to put the ruling on hold because they're planning to appeal. the judge granted a temporary injunction to the players monday saying the lockout was causing irrep pabl harm to their clears. the players have been barred from workouts. the players and owners are battling over a new collective bargaining agreement in their $9 billion a year business. daniel snyder reopening the can of worms surrounding the libel suit. he wrote an op ed. the piece entitled why i'm suing the washington city paper. he leaves out the claims of anti-semitism and references to some nonexistent attacks against his wife which he also said was happening. instead, in this article, he hones in on one statement in the city paper that claims that he got caught forging names during his time at snyder
4:51 am
communications. in a piece, snyder says... in 2001, snyder communications which he owned and ran was fined $3.1million. according to the state attorney general for forging thousands of signatures, illegally switching people's long distance service without authorization. you can check out the op ed on our web site at a circuit court judge has dismissed a union lawsuit against month gom recounty. it has been filed by the general government employee's union. it claims county executive ike leggett broke the law by disregarding results from collective bargaining in his proposed budget. the judge ruled public employees must first take their case before a county labor administrator instead of court. montgomery county school board announced its pick for a
4:52 am
new superintendent. he's dr. joshua starr and he spent the last six years serving as superintendent of public schools in stanford, connecticut. the board still needs state approval. dr. jerrywise is stepping down at the end of june ending 12 years in the position. american's pediatricians are joining other doctors groups calling for more regulation of a potentially dangerous chemical which can be especially harmful to children and pregnant women. >> sandra hughes tells us why some critics say the current rules allow an innocent until proven guilty approach. >> reporter: since her daughter was just a baby, laura smith has tried to keep chemicals out of her home and away from now 3-year-old cecily. >> i actually read the labels to see what's in it and go to various web sites that are known to kind of compare different products. >> it is a good thing she's vigilant according to the american academy of pediatrics. the u.s. government isn't doing enough to protect kids from chemicals. >> right now, anybody can
4:53 am
manufacture and market a chemical without any testing that relates to health or impacts. >> because the current law regulating chemicals with toxic substances control act does not require chemical manufacturers to prove their products are safe. they need only report potentially damaging information if it exists. more than 80,000 chemicals are used in the u.s. in products ranging from flame retardant clothing to furniture fabric. recently, manufacturers have removed bpa from products, including baby bottles. children are more vulnerable to chemicals as their bodies develop. laura has been mindful of that all along. >> it is a conscientious decision when i have a choice to use things that i don't think will harm her. >> reporter: and until the government does a better job of assessing the potential dangers of chem.cals, that's a job left up to her. sandra hughes, cbs news, los
4:54 am
angeles. before we head to break, time to look at the question of the morning. >> it is, out of all of these purchased in a year, more than 5,000 of them don't get used. what are they? consider and put your answer on our facebook page. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] why is travel these days about what you give up, and not what you get?
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moment. and we're looking at -- a decent start to the day. we'll notice some clouds here and even a slight, slight chance of a shower later on. with the daytime heating. noontime temps will be in the mid to the upper 70s. out west by 3:00, a couple of showers trying to pop there. 75 to 80. late this afternoon, a couple of showers west around 80. angie? >> thank you, howie. right now, we're traveling in maryland on 50 headed westbound. things are moving great from the bay bridge through bowie to the capital beltway. virginia roads, they're up next, andrea and mike. i'll have that at 5:01. >> thank you, angie. more than 30,000 youngsters had an extra special easter monday. they spent the day at the white house for the annual easter egg roll. first lady michelle obama and her daughters read a story to the kids. there were also musical performances, healthy cooking demonstrations and a game of basketball. three days and counting to the royal wedding and kate
4:58 am
middleton is the bride of the town of bucklebury. >> charlie d'agata traveled to her hometown to talk about their regular girl who's about to turn royal. he also tells us about how the town wants to celebrate the wedding. >> martin fiddler is going to be a busy man on kate and william's wedding day. the local butcher is going all out throwing a party in the bride's hometown of bucklebury that night, after he and his wife attend the wedding ceremony at westminster abbey. fiddlers have known the middletons for years but were still shocked to get an invite. >> we're still on cloud nine with excitement. >> the tiny village outside london is gearing up for several street parties to honor their hometown girl turned princess. complete with concerts, a barbecue and fireworks. >> i haven't heard anybody say yet they're not interested. >> william and kate's love story has captured the heart of everyone here. not only are the 2,000 people
4:59 am
who live here proud of kate, most are protective of her. >> he's a very lucky man. she's a lovely, great family. >> john owns the local pub where william and kate have been known to grab a drink. he also scored a pair of invitations to the wedding and he's flying solo. >> i've got an invite for one. if anyone would like to come along? anyone free that day? >> i'm afraid there's no guarantee that offer is still on the table. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. we can feel the excitement crackling here between howard and my three days and counting until the wedding. 's lady-like. me and andrea. >> dressed up in a suit, watching on tv. >> i'm mike hydeck. angie goff is here. she's a big wedding fan. howard and i -- >> they


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